5 key Do’s and Don’ts for a better run

sporty woman running with a smile on a beach wearing running outfit and running shoes

Everybody knows that running is one of the best whole body workouts. Due to busy lifestyle, people usually don’t able to take out enough time to incorporate a workout session on regular basis. This is exactly where running can help them transforming from unfit to a fitter lifestyle.

Running helps in keeping the body fit by improving metabolism rate, stamina and strength. It is also known as the best workout for obese people to reduce weight. Regular running is good in reducing stress and decreasing the chances of heart related problems. Running is considered as the most excellent cardio vascular exercise which helps in overall toning of body while working on different muscle groups at the same time.

Like any other cardio or weight training exercise, you need to keep some important things in mind regarding the body posture and balance. These important things can be considered as Do’s and Don’ts of running which you should follow if you have running as the regular part of your fitness routine. Following these typical Do’s and Dont’s not only helps in saving your bones from injuries but also helps in achieving effective results in lesser time.

Running effectively burns as much as 100 calories per mile. People usually believe that number of calories burnt depend upon the speed of running. However, this is absolutely a myth. In reality, it is the distance which matters in burning the number of calories. It is also very well important to know that running helps in boosting afterburn effect which makes your body burn more calories even after finishing your run.

It is well said that running is an all round complete exercise when it comes to fitness. It instantly starts working on your body by effectively burning calories and toning your body.

Let’s talk about these do’s and don’ts in detail to have in – depth knowledge about running.

1. Do: Invest in a good pair of running shoes

close up of good running shoes worn by a person

This is the most important thing to do while planning to add running in your daily fitness regime. If you are running on regular basis, you must invest in a good pair of shoes. A pair of good shoes always helps in painless running. They work well in reducing the amount of pressure created on your ankles and heels during running.

Running shoes are an essential part of a healthy running. They secure your legs from injuries by absorbing their pressure. Therefore, they successfully reduce problems like muscle rupture, joint pain and posture while you run.

Do not: go for uncomfortable shoes just for their style, colour or cost.

They will not allow you to run comfortably and hence, cost your desire to run forever. Due to a wide range of shoes present in the market, you can also end up buying a running shoe that cannot serve your purpose. Hence, buy those shoes which fulfil your running requirements.

Investing in a good shoe is as important as investing in a bat to play cricket. Always keep in mind to avoid running in worn-out shoes or shoes that are designed for other sports or activities.

2. Do: Keep a track on changes by setting measurable goals

To keep a track on changes and progress you are making through running, you can set some goals which can be measured over a certain period of time. The duration of that period can start from a week to two. Keeping track on your records always keeps you motivated and helps in achieving farthest goals possible in running. 

Pick a goal on weekly basis which cannot only challenge your ability but can also be achieved within the set time frame. For example, if you are taking up running for the first time, try to run as long as you can and then set your goal to cover twice the distance till the end of the week.

Do not: overdo or under do the mileage.

The best way to run is not to run for distance rather run for time. When running with set goal of time, you will find more opportunity to run at an even pace. Hence, instead of covering long distance try to cover the exactly same amount of distance in lesser time every next time you run.

3. Do: Start off Slow.

Always keep in mind to start off slow. When you are taking up running, do not directly jump over to it. As you put your shoes on, start with light walking and simply take one step at a time. Keep walking for a few minutes to warm up your body. In this way, you will be able to conserve more energy for a good run.

Few minutes of walk will always help you to reduce the exertion level before picking up the speed. After walking, start jogging for some time to build momentum. This will also improve your stamina and reduce the level of heat that gets build-up in the body while running.

Do not: pull off long and hard strides while running.

Go for smaller strides. The more comfortable stride will always put a much lesser pressure and motion on your joints. This is one of the very beneficial ways to follow for low chance of rupturing in the muscles and joints.

It also aids in overall efficiency of your running technique. Using a shorter stride helps in maintaining a longer and healthier life of your joints.

4. Do: Follow the right technique for running:

sporty woman stretching and warming up before a run on a beach wearing running outfit and running shoes

While running, you should focus on landing on the midsole of your foot. This is a better technique to follow for a healthy and effective run. Landing on your midsole while running (instead of your heels) gives aid to your muscles. With this technique, muscles momentarily grab the body weight during the mid-stride.

Hence, it compensates on the extra pressure created on joints and muscles. Moreover, to achieve higher results in running, the right technique plays a very important role. In any form of physical activity, the better the technique is, the higher is the extent of impact on your body.

Do not: land directly on your heels.

Many people while running have this common tendency to land on their heels first. However, it is not only the wrong technique but also affects your overall efficiency to run. Landing with your heel first can cause problematic issues like continuous muscle pain in your back, knee and other joints. The technique of landing on your heels first tends to apply more pressure while taking the next stride. 

As a result, your body makes great loss of energy then and there rather saving it for your power walk. Do some stretching if you still feel muscular pain in joints even after following the right technique to run.

Do: Eat before running.

healthy food items in a bowl that are rich in carbohydrates and protein. like: milk in a jug; bananas, oats, cereals, etc. in a bowl

Eat a carbohydrates rich snack before hitting the track for run. To get ample store of energy in your body, take a small bowl of oats or a couple of bananas before heading for run. You should also prefer to add protein rich food in your diet. Proteins are important for repairing the muscles.

Moreover, while planning for a perfect running regime, always keep a gap of atleast 30 minutes to 2 hours between your meals and running time. A relentless running regime is of no use if you have no control and planning over your daily diet intake.

Do not: eat too heavy if your run is going to be the first thing in the morning.

sporty woman crossing the finish line while running and is happy about reaching her goal. she is wearing running attire

Don’t forget to keep a check on your food intake if you have scheduled your running for the afternoon or night. If you have pre- planned your running schedule, do not eat anything too heavy before hitting the track. Try to avoid certain foods just before running like legumes, white sugar, milk or milk products and food containing good amount of saturated fat. These foods tend to slow down the rate of metabolism while running. 

With the above dos and don’ts, hopefully you will be motivated to run for better results. Running is an activity of enjoyment and achievement. It should be done with a free mind. It does not only help in maintaining physical fitness but also balancing mental peace. Add running in your fitness routine for atleast thrice a week. This will help you in staying healthy for a longer term.