Essential Running Tips that You Must Know

Two woman running and going along while looking and smiling at each other

How many times have you gone out for a running session and felt like your feet were made of concrete, or even worse? Astonishingly, they might not feel so bad from something that you did as from something that you didn’t do. Treat your legs well in between runs to gain more enjoyment and fulfilment from your workout session, boost your performance, and speed up recovery time.  So whether you are a pro or beginner, here are is everything you need to know about running. Let’s get started.

1.     Don’t miss out running even for a day

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It’s a very well known and a famous quote – “Persistence is the key to success”. Imagine it this way; 30 minutes of running a day for 30 days equals 900 minutes of total running a month, and 900 minutes of running not only sounds behemoth but also has amazing effects on the body.  A regular and continuous running schedule helps to improve your body’s ability to burn more calories along with your biomechanics. It also trains your mind to endure through any kind of challenge, be of any kind physical or mental. If you stay persistent at following your running schedule then you will surely notice the difference in no time.

2. Invest in comfort

Smiling, sporty woman feeling comfortable in her sports outfit

“No pain, no gain” sounds only good to hear. In reality, studies have shown that the more comfortable you feel, much easier it’ll be for you to last long during your workout. Buy a good fit running outfit, body glide balm and sport socks. Nothing can kill a run like a blister about to pop. Track the miles on your shoes. At about 250 miles, mid-soles can become too compressed to get back to their original form between runs, and your feet and ankles will begin to notice. That’s why be sure to replace your shoes at regular intervals.

3. Give yourself a solid reason

Creative: silhouette of a running woman with reason and message as: Winners never quit and quitters never win

For whatever action we do, when we have a strong motivation inside us then it becomes incredibly easily to implement the action. For instance, I started as a team in training charity marathons, having lost my loved one to breast cancer. When I am struggling with my training schedules, I recollect in my mind those people who are still fighting their battles, those who have survived in the part because of the money raised and those people who have been taken away from us. Things like these boost my adrenaline and keep me pumped up and motivated.

4. Collaboration is the secret to great running

Of course we learn a lot from people around us and we are actually the sum of 5 people we spend most of our time with. Hang around those who are serious about running, and in that way you will be able to pick up a few titbits – how to set pace for yourself, which routes have the most hygienic restrooms, what cloth to wear when the weather is changing more rapidly than a facebook feed. We asked trainers, nutritionists, coaches and veteran athletes to share their strategies. Just steal them to be able to run longer, feel lighter and stay accident-free.

5. Stay positive

Smiling woman with positive attitude while showing thumps up


From the words of Buddha – “What you think is what you become”. The mantra of being able to have a positive attitude works in all kind of situations in life and running being no exception. Finish runs feeling strong and joyful, not worn-out. It will keep you coming back again for more and help you reduce injuries in sports.

6. Find the sweet spot for you


It is really helpful to write down your workouts throughout the week, and then you can colour-code them in a way they make you feel. For example, Yellow for ‘amazing’, orange for ‘Just OK’ and red may be ‘Really bad workout’. It is a nice visual way of seeing how your body reacts and it will immensely help you to pick up the most suitable words for you. Like, if you are always orange or may be red around your streak, then it is a sign that you should be doing lighter workouts on such days.

7. Layer less


It is always an advisable practice to dress to run like it is 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it is. As soon you go out in the open and get to moving, your body will get all warmed and heated up well and you will be glad that you did not put so many layers.

8. Stay away from parties, alcohol specifically

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Please don’t let your long lasting hard work get destroyed by snacks and beer at late night parties. Steer clear of happy hour the day or two before your running or training session. The munchies that you eat while having alcohol especially beer are the ‘weight-increasers’. Alcohol is known to significantly affect sleep quality and hydration levels, as well the post recovery of the body. With alcohol everything goes down the drain, so stay away from alcohol. If you have to indulge in consuming alcohol then make sure to consume it in moderate amounts.

9. Be smart in training


In order to get yourself stronger, your body needs proper time to rebuild. Try to mix easy days with tough ones, and also avoid pushing when the body signals for a break. It’s not at all good practice to keep straining your body beyond your limits. The better way to train your body is by ‘gradual training’ and not ‘all at once’. In that way you will see a drastic improvement over the course of time and it also reduces the risk of injury.

10. Down a cup of coffee

Woman drinking coffee while holding the cup in hand


Here is the good news - having caffeine before the workout has been linked to make running much easier and helps the body burn fats more efficiently. Try to aim for about 4 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. For a 150 pound woman, that’s would be like in a 18-ounce coffee. So don’t forget your coffee before heading for your next run.

11. Socialise your running

People running together in a park


Running may seem like a solitary pursuit, but there is a great amount of benefits to making a connection with others- and no better way to do that than by running with a group. There are many websites like, which can help you in finding a local group with same interest. Or perhaps you just stop at your local running store and make new friends with same passion for running.

12. Brag to others about your running


Psychology says that when we brag about something then we start holding ourselves responsible for the non-commitment of that act in the future. We must admit that we all love to brag about our good stuff, so why leave running behind? Shout out to people when you reach your workout goals. Share it on your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Call your buddies. And now there are so many applications like runtastic, runkeeper, Nike plus so on and so forth so that you can accurately track your miles and even share on various social media platforms. Bragging about running sounds a bit idiosyncratic but somewhere down the line it helps.

13. Mind the incline

This point holds accountable especially for beginners i.e. when you are just getting started for running then you should avoids difficult terrains. Never accelerate down the hill. The shattering forces on your body can destroy your ankle and knees. This may not only affect your body but also mind by demeaning you and thus you will finally give up all over on running. So be gradual in practice, initially avoid difficult tracks. Remember the saying, “Patience is the fastest path to success.” Once you get hold of it then follow difficult terrains.

14. Don’t even think about others


You don’t need to compare yourself to become a better runner. Everyone has their own capabilities and learning curve. Just compare your progress with yourself. There will always be someone faster and leaner and who will seem more like a runner than you do. The key to success is to focus on your own improvements that you want to make for yourself. Keeping a track on your set of goals over the months can be really motivating and helpful in long run.

15. Fuel yourself properly


If you have eaten a large meal before your running session, then wait at least two to three hours before you head out. Almost anything you eat immediately before a workout will digest enough to provide you energy during your sprint. If you still have to eat, choose something your body can easily digest, that can be a banana, a few handful of peanut butter or honey, or may be few grams of almonds.

16. Keep hydrating yourself

Sports woman drinking water to keep herself hydrated


It is so common yet most neglected by beginners. It’s highly recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water an hour before going out for running session in order to prevent dehydration. If you are going for a longer workout let's say like 10k, then you might consider taking a water bottle or perhaps planning a route that has a water stop along the way. Staying hydrated will definitely keep your legs from cramping, especially in summer time. Dehydration can have worse effects on your body like you may get fainted and a black-out feeling.

17. Learning to cool down:


After you complete your miles, don’t forget to do a two to five minutes cool easy down run, then stretch your body thoroughly. Don’t just immediately jump back into your car and go off to your next event, this may lead you to walking around with tight legs for the rest of the day. Doing a bit of cool down and stretching period allows the lactic acid (it is the bi-product created by leg’s muscles) to be drained out into your bloodstream and eliminate from your body. Also taking a hot bath or just relaxing in a hot bath tub after your workout can be really relaxing for your muscles. You can also pamper your body by taking a good massage.