Benefits of Garlic as Ayurvedic Medicine in The United States

Raw Garlic Lobes

Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative form of treatment which is holistic in nature. It is based on the belief in the delicate connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. Ayurveda uses this connection to treat and achieve the body's general wellness. 

As a form of treatment, the Ayurvedic system has been used to treat ailments for centuries. 

Today, this form of treatment is also practiced in the U.S.A. It is applied as an alternative or complementary treatment to modern Western medicine. Check this link for more on alternative medicine.

The allicin compound present in garlic makes it desirable in Ayurvedic treatment. Allicin, obtained from freshly crushed garlic, has a wide range of health properties. They are anti-microbial capabilities, anti-bacterial activities, etc. 

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Benefits of Garlic in Ayurvedic Medicine

The use of garlic has numerous benefits in alternative treatment. It can be used to achieve a holistic wellbeing. This is because of the many diseases it prevents and heals. 

In the U.S.A., garlic has been used in the following areas as an alternative treatment: 

  • Reducing blood pressure: Garlic can be successfully used to counter blood pressure. The active compounds found in garlic are the good performers here. This can be achieved by simply consuming an average of four cloves in a day. 

  • Fighting diseases: Since it is a good natural antibiotic, garlic is used in the US to boost immunity. It has also been used to treat common colds effectively. To fight constant colds, incorporate garlic into your daily meals. 

  • Getting rid of toxins: Allicin found in garlic helps flush out toxins in the body. This blood purification enhances the body's overall wellness. 

  • Fighting cancer: Allyl sulfides found in garlic are anti-cancerous thus aid in fighting cancer. 

  • Asthma/allergy treatment: Garlic can also be used in treating asthma and allergies. It garlic contains anti-arthritic properties which help in treating allergic rhinitis.

  • Fights cholesterol: Allicin also helps the body in helping to prevent cholesterol accumulation in the body.

  • Boosts stamina: The use of garlic stimulates the body. This is why garlic can be used as an aphrodisiac. 

Benefits of Garlic as Ayurvedic Medicine in the U.S.A. 

Just like in the ancient times, garlic can be used in the U.S.A as an alternative treatment. Properties in garlic help in the body's holistic wellbeing. Ingredients like allicin, Allyl sulfides and sulfur aid in this. 

The use of Ayurvedic treatment in the U.S.A is restricted and even prohibited in some states. Consult with your doctor before using garlic if pregnant.

The popularity of Ayurvedic treatment is so high such that there are Ayurvedic treatment schools in the U.S.A. Check this out for more information on the courses offered.

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We cannot conclusively exhaust the numerous benefits of garlic in Ayurvedic medicine in the U.S.A.

Due to the many properties present in garlic, using garlic in Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial. There are a number of complex ailments which can be prevented and treated. This will help you achieve a general holistic wellbeing. 

Taking garlic in its raw nature will produce better results than using garlic supplements. But it is also paramount that you consult your doctor before embarking on this type of treatment. Avoid garlic if you are scheduled to undergo an operation. This is because the intake of garlic can hinder blood clotting. It may cause excessive bleeding.