Historical Uses of Garlic: Used all Around The World as Food and Medicine for Thousands of Years

Raw Garlic Lobes

Garlic is quite popular among the people all around the world as food and as a medicine too. But this is not a modern development or discovery. The uses of garlic has a very long and exciting history.

According to some records and documents of 5000 years ago, garlic was used by people to treat many illnesses and diseases. Garlic has been used for ages for various reasons in different periods of history.

The interesting fact is that even the modern science has verified some of the benefits of garlic. It is a potential antiviral, antibiotic, blood thinner, anti-atherosclerotic as well as anti-cancer.

Read on, to know more about the historical uses of garlic: used all around the world as food and medicine for thousands of years.

History Of Garlic Around The World

The first mention of garlic was found about 3000 B.C in a recipe written by the Sumerians. It was during the Mesopotamian civilization when garlic was used in foods.

Even, they used to mix it in the wine or sometimes brew the garlic as tea for its medicinal purposes. It was believed to be high potential for pains, swellings and strains. Around 350 A.D, in some ancient document of India, garlic was mentioned as a great medicine for curing many diseases.

Like this, garlic had been used for ages in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Arabia, Northern Europe, England and America. So, it is quite evident that garlic was used all over the world for thousands of years.

Historical Uses Of Garlic

Since garlic was more than just a food all around the world for several years, it was used for many treatments. It has some exceptional medicinal properties that had helped people in many ways. Some of the historical uses of garlic all around the world are:

  • reducing abdominal swelling and pains
  • treating arterial diseases and asthma
  • treating bites of snake, dog or scorpion
  • reducing bruises, boils and bronchitis
  • preventing cancer, indigestion and cough
  • curing of headaches, diarrhea, fever and head colds
  • treating high blood pressure, heart problems and infections
  • curing pneumonia, plague, sprains, toothaches, tuberculosis and tumors
  • killing worms, virus, bacteria and fungi

So, it is quite obvious that garlic was used for curing almost all types of illnesses back then. Undoubtedly, it has some great medicinal properties in it which can help people to fight against the diseases and infections. This is because it has been scientifically proven that garlic can improve the immunity system of your body.


These are the historical uses of garlic: used all around the world as food and medicine for thousands of years. Many people, regardless of their class and standards, used garlic as food as well as medicine.

Poor people, specially, could not afford costly medicines and treatments. Thus, they used to brew garlic as tea or eat them raw to prevent any kind of diseases and infections. Even the rich people, in ancient times, used to mix garlic in their wine and drink it as a medicinal tonic to improve their strength and immunity system.